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About Cryoviva Singapore

We have an extensive list of happy parents who have trusted our services and stored their baby’s cord blood with us. Cryoviva has more than 100,000 cord blood units successfully stored in our regional facilities.

Code of Business

We pride ourselves on our decade of experience in cord blood banking services, which was made possible by our unwavering commitment to providing services in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Price Plan

A single chance to give your baby a protection for life. Save your family for tomorrow, today! At Cryoviva, we want to ensure that every family has a chance to store their baby’s cord blood by offering this service at an affordable price point.

Stem Cells

About Stem Cell

Stem cells are the building blocks of various organs and tissues in the body.

Cord Blood Stem Cell

By saving the umbilical cord blood of your baby, you are therefore getting a potentially lifesaving option available for your child, and your family.

Cord Blood Process

Learn more about the process of Collecting and Storage your baby’s cord blood.


This simple but important step can help us to ensure that the cord blood is clinically safe to be applied for future treatment.

Our Edge

Total VIVA Protection is a group of benefits offered by Cryoviva Singapore to its clients for the added security of their present and future health conditions.


VIVA Secure
Total Peace of Mind


Enchanced Cord Blood Technologies


VIVA Match
Supporting your Transplant Needs


VIVA Safety
When You Need Us The Most


VIVA Support
Together Hand-In-Hand

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11st January, Raffles City Convention Centre

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