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Frequently Question Asked

Umbilical cord blood is blood that remains in the placenta and in the attached umbilical cord after childbirth. Cord blood banking involves collecting blood that remain in your new-born’s umbilical cord (which connects the baby to the mother while in the womb) and placenta and storing it for future wellness of the baby and possibly the sibling. Cord blood contains potentially lifesaving cells called stem cells.

This simple and painless process will normally take 2-5 minutes. It is safe for both mother and child. Immediately after the birth of the baby, the umbilical cord that connects the baby to the placenta is clamped and cut. After securing good care of the baby, the extra blood from the placental and the umbilical cord is collected using the specific procedure under aseptic conditions

Flexible payment plans with the availability of Child Development Account and Credit Card Instalment Plans. To find out more about our pricing plans, please reach our hotline number 8339 8482

We would recommend speaking to our consultant during your second trimester (midway through pregnancy). This is to ensure the stability of your pregnancy and to give ample of time for understanding the benefits of cord blood banking. Once you have decided to enrol with us, we will send the customised Collection Kit 6 weeks prior to your Expected Due Date (EDD). Nevertheless, if you wish to store with us and are currently in your third trimester, please phone our hotline number +65 8339 8482 now.

Your baby’s cord blood is stored in our facility at 37 Jalan Pemimpin, Mapex.
Cryoviva’s own state-of-the-art facility is run by a team of Stem cell experts, MOH licensed The Cryoviva cord blood laboratory is centrally located and is near to all hospitals. It is equipped with the most advanced instruments and is quality controlled by stringent processes.

For certain diseases, your baby may use his/her stem cells. Such treatment is called Autologous transplant.

Your baby can utilize his/her own stem cells when the need comes up this is known as Autologous Transplant. It can also be shared by the siblings of the family. Such cases are known as Allogeneic Transplant.

1. Consultation with Transplant physician/Surgeon/Paediatric surgeon
2. Contact with Cryoviva Singapore for retrieval of stored Cord Blood stem cells (HPC, Cord blood.
3. All relevant tests will be performed on Cord Blood stem cell before infusion (HPC, Cord Blood).
4. Successful transplantation will be performed in the hospital with all care.