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The decision making process falls ideally between your second and third trimester with some beginning as early as 28 weeks. You can call our 24 hours hotline number +6583398482 or make an appointment with us. *if you are due soon or already in your 3rd trimester , we propose you call us instantly to ensure smooth processing and storing.

The Collection Kit will be delivered to you 6 weeks prior to your Expected Due Date. Simply store it in room temperature (8-25deg c), cool dry place and away from direct sunlight at all times. Please do not forget to bring it along with you on the day of delivery. Read more about the Cryoviva Collection Kit information……

After deciding to store your baby’s cord blood, inform your Gynaecologist about your plan. This is to ensure necessary arrangements are established.

Pass your kit to the delivery suite once you arrive at the hospital/birthing centre and notify Cryoviva about the impending birth, name of hospital and date and time of delivey. The doctor will withdraw a sample of maternal blood before delivery. Rest assured that medical professionals are trained to collect the cord blood during labour, all you have to do is focus on giving birth of a child.

After welcoming your new born, please reach out our client service on top priority for your baby’s cord blood sample collection kit pick up. The contact number will be attached to the collection kit. Please provide us with your full name, contact and name of hospital/birthing centre (Ward & Bed number). Our medical courier will transport it to our lab within 24 hours.