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5 Apps for Mums-To-Be



You cherish that special bond with your baby as they grow within you. However, it can also be a confusing time as your body changes. As you progress on this journey in a digital age, your phone can become a handy compendium of useful information. Here are five free Apps that you can consider downloading:

  1. The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown

Rated the No.1 for first-time mothers, The Bump provides features like a weekly pregnancy guides that compares the baby size to an adorable fruit icon. Cute much? There also an option to ask real-time questions to the editors, experts and other mums. You’ll also get to see 3-D visualization of your baby’s growth. It also helps you to prepare for your doctor’s visits and has an array of useful articles. Available on IPhone and Android.

  1. What To Expect

This app developed from a trusted pregnancy brand, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ It includes brilliant info, helps you calculate your due date, and tracks your baby’s weekly developments, shares facts and tips. Interact with a community of mums with due dates around the same time! Use it even after you deliver for tips and support. Available for Iphone and Android.

  1. Glow Nurture

This app was made to nurture moms-to-be during the pregnancy. Fend off the “baby brain” symptom with Glow Nurture’s hospital bag checklist and trimester-specific pregnancy tracker. Available on IPhone and Android.

  1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Free on Android and IPhone, this app allows for content customization! Imagine tracking your baby’s size with French pastries! It also allows for you log health data that fits into your life.

  1. Pregnancy+

Created by Health & Pregnancy, this encyclopedic App is not just for you mums-to-be! It can be personalized for dads or grandparents too. You’ll be receiving a trusted comprehensive guide for every stage. Log your journey using a personal diary and weight log. What’s more? Pregnancy+ includes a kick counter, contraction timer, baby shopping list and thousands of baby names! Available on IPhone and Android.

Make sure to use your phone in moderation as you wouldn’t want to be exposed to too much radiation during this time.

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