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Tips to Sleep Better During Pregnancy


Getting that essential shut-eye can be a challenge during pregnancy! Sleep disturbances during this time can be attributed to:

Pregnancy sees you though dramatic hormonal changes that can affect sleep. For instance, changes in estrogen can affect sleep if it makes blood vessels larger, resulting in swelling in the feet, nasal congestion which can make sleep uncomfortable.

The roller-coaster of emotions you might be feeling as you become accustomed to your changing body and other environmental stresses!

It’s harder to sleep as your body is changing and some sleep positions are uncomfortable!

Nevertheless, getting that snooze is important and here’s some tips to help with that:

Make sure to drink enough fluids during the day, but avoid them before bedtime.

Make sure to stick to a simple exercise routine. This will help to relieve cramping and improve blood circulation. Try to exercise during the day.

Stress and anxiety can steal sleep! Make sure to talk to a loved one about the issues you are facing. Try to worry less or speak to a professional if needed.

Make sure to indulge in one of those special body pillows to give you body or back the support it needs. Use as many pillows as required to support your body.

You might like to avoid caffeine during this time as it can muck up your energy levels!

Hope these tips will help you get that critical shut-eye!

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