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The Skinny On Fertility

Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how hard it is to conceive. After all, thanks to the repeated warnings in our teenage years, we’ve developed this preconception notion that getting pregnant is easy as pie. So it’s understandable that many women have misconceptions about their own fertility and tend to overestimate their chances of pregnancy.
When you look at the science, it’s clear that time is not on our side. Women are born with a finite number of potential eggs, and by the time we reach puberty, our ovarian reserve is already depleted to less than half of what we originally had. Sounds far-fetched, but it’s an inescapable fact of reproductive biology. Even then, the state of your ovaries is largely dependent on hormonal, environmental, and lifestyle factors. With all our eggs in one basket, you can see why it’s extremely important to look after them.
“A woman’s fertility and reproductive health are largely dependent on the state of her ovaries,” says Dr Fong Yang, Fertility Specialist of Virtus Fertility Centre. “Women struggling to conceive are likely to have poor egg conditions, and will need to pay closer attention to the various factors that can improve egg health for a viable pregnancy.”