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The Secrets To An Easier Labor

The pains of labor are most certainly unavoidable but there are ways to make it a less physically challenging event. For a woman having her first baby, this experience of labour can often be unpredictable. Expectant mums with a high pain tolerance can opt for more natural options. However in the event the pain becomes intolerable, they should also be open to medication.

easy labour mum

Follow these tips to transition into an easier labor:

Keep Fit

Fitness is key to improving endurance which means your tolerance level will be higher. On top of experiencing shorter labors, Pregnant mums who are fit tend to go through labor without medical intervention. Walking, swimming or prenatal exercises are certainly beneficial. Be sure to get the OK from your doctor for prenatal activities.

Taking A Warm Shower

When there is pain all over the body, muscles tend to tense up. A warm shower is known to be good at any stage of labor. The warmness serves to counteract against pain. Aim the shower head at the areas where pain is at the most intense to get relief. This will help to get through an easier labor.

Try to Keep Upright

It is to the mother’s advantage to staying upright. The baby’s head pressing on the cervix will help dilation. Coupled with being in a variety of positions such as standing or kneeling does lessen discomfort. Movement can also help to move labor along.

easier labor mum smiling

Take a Childbirth Class

Familiarising yourself with the stages of childbirth before the big even serves to reduce anxiousness. These classes will teach expectant women comfort measures that prepare you the act of giving birth. Classes can range from a one-day intensive workshop to weekly sessions lasting a month. Typically the classes include lectures, discussions, and exercises, all led by a trained childbirth instructor. A further bonus is the chance to meet other pregnant mums, a great way to forge a support system.

Employ Breathing Techniques

During labor, try to draw on the relaxation technique of taking slow breathes between contractions. This pattern of breathing is a good strategy to reduce intense cramps for an easier labor. Try visualising good memories or listen to your favourite playlist as you employ deep breathing.

Every labor will end eventually and even the most arduous is the most worthwhile experience for every mother.

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