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Collection Process of required samples in the delivery hospital by trained healthcare professionals

Maternal Blood: 3 tubes of maternal blood will be taken from mummy’s peripheral vein upon admission for delivery to test for infectious diseases.
Cord Blood: Cord blood is drawn by gravity into a collection bag after your baby is safely born and the cord has been clamped and cut. It is a safe and pain-free procedure to both mother and baby, which is less than five minutes.
Cord Tissue: Cord tissue is collected into a container immediately after cord blood collection is done. It is also a safe and pain-free procedure for both mother and baby, which is less than 2 minutes.
To all the expectant parents, all healthcare professionals in SG 10 maternity hospitals are trained by Cryoviva SG on the collection process.

Transportation of collected samples to Cryoviva SG Lab/ Reviva Cell Lab within 24 hours

Once you have delivered and required samples are collected by hospital professionals, please call our 24-hour hotline (65) 8339 8482 to collect the kit box back to our lab. All collected samples will reach our laboratory within 24 hours.
Upon calling, please provide details as listed below and we will advise you accordingly:
a) Mother’s Name
b) NRIC/Passport Number
c) Delivery Hospital
d) Residential ward and bed number
e) Contact number


Testing and processing of all collected samples:
Test performed for all samples in Cryoviva SG

Maternal Blood testing Cord Blood Testing
Hepatitis Bs Antigen

Anti-HBc Total


HTLV I and II antibody

CMV IgG Antibody

CMV IgM Antibody


VD (Syphilis TP Ab)

NAT Screening: HIV-1/2

NAT Screening: HCV

NAT Screening: HBV DNA

Parameters Volume (pre-processing)
Total Nucleated Cells Count (TNCC)
Cell Viability (pre-freeze)
Sterility test Blood Culture – Aerobic
Blood Culture – Anaerobic
CD markers Total Live CD34+ Count



Nucleated RBC
Haemoglobin F
Umbilical Cord Tissue Testing
CT Standard CT Premium
parameters Total Nucleated Cells (TNC) Yes yes
Cell Viability Yes Yes
Colony Forming Unit (CFU) During Retrieval Yes
Sterility Test Bacterial Culture Yes Yes
Fungal Culture Yes Yes
Mycoplasma During Retrieval Before Storage & During Retrieval
Endotoxin During Retrieval Before Storage & During Retrieval
CD Markers CD34 Yes
CD45 Yes
CD73 Yes Yes
CD90 Yes Yes
CD105 Yes Yes
Differentiation Study Osteogenic Yes
Chondrogenic Yes
Islet Cells Yes
Microscope WJ-MSC Image Yes Yes


II. Processing of stored samples:
Processing of Cord Blood: After collection, cord blood is transported to the Cryoviva SG laboratory, where it is processed using Sepax®2 fully-automated system and then gradually frozen, minus one degree at a time.
Processing of Cord Tissue: after collection, Cord tissue is transported to the Reviva Cell Laboratory (a subsidiary of Cryoviva SG), where it is processed using Explant Technique by Reviva Cell Technology and then gradually frozen, minus one degree at a time.


Storage of the qualified samples and generation of a formal medical report to clients:
I. Storage of the CB: Cord Blood will be stored in U.S. FDA approved cryogenic storage pouch, with 2 integrally attached segments and frozen stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks when it reaches the optimal temperature.
II. Storage of the CT: Cord Tissue will be stored in cryo-vials and frozen stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks when it reaches the optimal temperature.
III. Formal Medical report: The formal medical report will be sent to our clients within 6 to 8 weeks times after successful storage in Cryoviva SG.

For unsuccessful storage case, there will be free of charge to our enrolled clients, and Cryoviva SG will bear for all the charges, which can include admin, collection kit and other incurred fees during collection.

Retrieval services during the contracted period:
Should the need arise, call Cryoviva SG 24-hour hotline at (65) 8339 8482 or email to enquiry@cryoviva.com.sg, we will make the necessary arrangements to release and transport your baby’s stem cells to the designated hospital.
As Cryoviva SG clients, you will entitle to the VIVA Restore (for CB sign-up clients) or VIVA Restore Plus (for CB&CT sign-up clients) program, which refers to the incurred storage payment with Cryoviva SG will be fully refund back to you at the time of retrieval of Cord Blood samples for authorized medical treatment needs by authorized institution (*usage of CT is currently under clinical trials).