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Welcome to your Second-Trimester. This is the period where you’re glad the morning sickness and fatigue’s slowly fading away and you feel like your old self again. This may very well be the most easy to handle period of the three. Now that you’re feeling much better, take this time to plan for the arrival of your baby. During this period, your baby is growing at a rapid speed. Soon, an ultrasound is to be done, and you’d also be able to know the sex of your baby. You’re halfway there now so let’s get started on the second-trimester woes you’ll be facing.

Backaches—Following the weight you’ve gained over the few months, your back will start to feel more pressure. Making it sore and difficult to manoeuvre as before. To soothe your back, it is advised to sit up straight and use a chair that provides good back support. When it comes to sleeping, try to sleep on your side with a pillow tucked between your legs. Do avoid any heavy-lifting when possible. Wear low-healed and comfortable shoes with a good arch support. If the pain gets unbearable, which will from time to time, you can use this time to treat yourself to a pregnancy massage.

Nasal Congestions and Nosebleeds—As you go through a series of hormonal changes, chances of your nose swelling are high and this can also lead to a stuffy nose that’ll make you snore at night. Do bear in mind that these changes may also cause your nose to bleed. However, do check with your doctor before using anything to rectify your nasal issues as they may be safer ways to clear nasal congestion during pregnancy. A pro tip is to invest in a humidifier to keep the surrounding air moist.

Frequent Urination—During the second-trimester, your uterus rises away from the pelvic cavity, giving you a brief break from having to go to the loo. Don’t get too comfortable just as yet as the urge will be back during the last trimester of your pregnancy. Enjoy the freedom from having to run to the loo every minute whilst you can.

Skin Changes—Ahhh, the aged old ‘pregnancy glow’. Whilst some women’s face appear flushed due to the changing hormone levels, others face get brown marks on the face (often called the ‘mask of pregnancy’) and a dark line (linea nigra) down the middle of the abdomen due to the increase in the pigment melanin. The good news is all this will go away once your baby is born. Another common change majority of pregnant women have to deal with is the appearance of stretch marks. Whilst it is possible to clear it, some choose to leave it to remind them of the beauty of pregnancy.

Spider Veins—Due to your circulation increasing to send extra blood to your growing baby, the excess blood flow can also cause tiny red veins, known as spider veins, to appear on your skin. Not to worry as these veins will eventually fade once your baby is born.

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Pregnancy is a cause for great celebrations, joy and hope. However, some mummies may experience a high level of stress and anxiety during this period. Especially when you’re pregnant in Asia. As we know, Asians have a long list of superstitious beliefs. Superstitious beliefs aside, there are a long list of fears that comes along with pregnancy. The good thing here is that you’re not the only one facing these fears in the dark. Here are some common fears that pregnant Asian women face and what you can do to overcome these fears.

The top 4 common fears faced by Asian women are: a baby being born with a birth defect, miscarriage, labour pains and a baby being tangled in the umbilical cord. With scary documentaries and tv shows being readily available these days, it’s only common for mums-to-be to overthink and be paranoid over matters that have less than a 10% chance of occurring to them. However, we are here to ensure you that following the proper diet plans and pregnancy rules, all this will remain matters of the mind. If you feel these thoughts consuming you and affecting your daily routine, it is advisable to visit your doctor and explain your worries to him/her. Not only will it give you an ease of mind but it will help you in having a smooth pregnancy as well.

Apart from the top 4 common fears above, we would also like to touch on the topic that most mum-to-be fear. Which is your partner being unfaithful. As your body go through vast changes along with your hormones, it is only natural to not feel sexual or sexually desired. If these thoughts are consuming you too much, it is advisable to have a chat with your partner. Not only will it lift a heavy load off your shoulders but it will definitely make the relationship you share with your partner even closer than before. This is a perfectly common fear to feel and over 80% of the time such thoughts are due to the hormonal changes that you’re currently going through. On a separate note, it is always great to take up more couple activities during this time to create a stronger bond with your partner. This crucial period requires a lot of communication and assurance and trust us, more often than not, a couple overcomes this obstacle by having a stronger bond than before.

Money!! In this day and age, money seems to be the root of all worries and it’s perfectly normal. Following the high cost of living in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and various parts of Asia, the cost of nappies, dummies, prams, high chairs, toys, milk and food can be very expensive. Which is why keeping a separate account for your child is very important. You may think you’re the only one facing these woes but you’re not. It’s ok to face this woe as you are doing everything you can now to provide your child with everything they need.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Well, there’s a clear reason as to why you are here and we understand. We really do. Where there is joy, there’s bound to be woes. For first time mummies, you will ultimately be put in the spot by one-to-many mummies around you bombarding you with countless amounts of ‘pregnancy tips’. Whilst, we are not saying everyone around you is wrong, bear in mind that every pregnant body is different. For, when one mummy doesn’t have to go through the dreading morning sickness, another would have gone through weeks of it. See what we mean, here? For many women, the first-trimester is deemed to be the hardest. Especially when you’ve not gone through it before. Worry not, for we are here to help you get through this.

Morning Sickness – as mentioned above, some may have it, some may not. In any case, morning sickness has been an early indicator of a pregnancy as it is. However, unlike its name, morning sickness can strike at any time. And we all know how much of a hassle it is to bring along a barf bag wherever you are heading to. Another thing is a pregnant woman will automatically find themselves being super-alert to certain smells (good and bad). This is very common and there are many ways to soothe your morning sickness from constantly occurring. For example, you can try nibbling on dry crackers or sweets that contain plums. Stay hydrated and most importantly try to keep your stomach slightly full. These tiny tips will indefinitely help you in keeping the nausea at bay.

Tender Breasts – this is one of the first few indicators of pregnancy and it can be surprisingly painful. Breast tenderness can also be alarming for some women. However, there are definitely ways to curb it. You can opt to wear softer bras or an old bra that’s been stretched out. If you are looking to purchase a new set of bra, keep an eye out for maternity friendly bras or simply get the cotton ones. They might be more soothing and they will definitely help you feel better.

Fatigue – seemingly a common occurrence to many whilst being pregnant, fatigue may be of a huge problem when you are working full time or already have young children to manage. The recommended solution for fatigue is definitely to get ample rest. Ensure that you’re getting 8 hours of rest a day else slotting in naps within the day. It may not help to rid the lethargy but we can try.

Bleeding – while this typically doesn’t occur to every pregnant woman, it still is scary. A lot of women experience a little bleeding during their pregnancy and as it is a common factor, it usually doesn’t affect the pregnancy. Do note, however, the difference between spotting and a heavy flow of bleeding. If you feel like something is amiss, drop a visit to your nearest Gynecology and find out what’s bothering you.

We wish you all the best in your pregnancy journey!

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Hello mummies-to-be! We’re back today with a write up on some tips to help guide you along the pregnancy dos and don’ts. As you already know, the folklores and horror pregnancy stories are ceasing to exist in this modern age. However, this does not make it ok to do everything you’ve been ‘warned’ not to do by the older generation. For example, it is still unsafe for a pregnant woman to be out on the streets in the night—not because of the ghosts that’re lurking in the shadows but due to the dark streets and how it will affect your vision thus, ensuring you avoid anything mishaps if they were to occur. Let’s get on to it, now.


Multivitamin: studies have shown following a healthy diet alone may not be enough for pregnancy. Hence, it is always good to take a multivitamin on top of following a balanced diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals to provide your baby and you with the appropriate amount of nutrients it needs. That way it’s beneficial for your baby and you. Do take note of the ingredients of a multivitamin before purchase though. And bear in mind that omega-3 fats are important for your baby’s brain development.

Ample rest: being sleep deprived doesn’t work well with anyone. Let alone a pregnant mummy. Once your newborn arrives it’ll make sleep elusive. Therefore, it’s always advisable to grab as much rest as you can. If a deep slumber isn’t attainable, schedule naps whenever you can. Change up your bedtimes to achieve the required 8 hours of sleep each night. Fatique is a sign that your body needs more rest, so ditch the worrying and get as much Zzz’s as you can.

Work out: remember when women were told to avoid lifting a finger whilst pregnant? Well, gone are those days. We know that ample exercise is good for mummy and baby. Regular exercise also helps with insomnia, muscle pains, excessive weight gains and mood swings. If you were quite a health nut before being pregnant, continue the good habit. If exercise isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can opt to give yoga shot.


No smoking: yes, we know you already know this. But, being around smokers could also be harmful to yours and your baby’s health. Hence, it is advisable to stay away whenever possible. Also, babies born to women who smoke whilst pregnant are most likely to have a lower birth weight and are more likely to incur learning disabilities as compared to those mummies who don’t smoke.

No raw meat: ditch the steak tartare and opt for well, cooked dishes. As we know undercooked meat and eggs have a higher risk of foodborne illnesses. Also, food poisoning is quite the common occurrence and these conditions can cause serious and life-threatening illnesses.

No deli meats: this is inclusive of storebought or frozen sausages, salmon, nuggets and other cured means. Due to the various kinds of toxins they are possibly injected with to last longer – it may not work well with a pregnant mummy’s body.

Remember if anything is bothering you, do follow it up with your Gynae. Have a smooth sailing pregnancy, mummies!

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If you can’t function without a cuppa or two a day, you might have to reconsider your caffeine cravings during your pregnancy! Caffeine might be your must-have in the form of coffee, tea or other sodas that saw you through a tiresome day. It might seem like you need it more than ever as you feel fatigued during your pregnancy, but should you continue or kick the caffeine hit? How much of caffeine to have or not have, that’s the question!

Let’s consider what caffeine does to the body… When consumed in moderation, caffeine gives you that jumpstart you might need to fight mental sluggishness and plough through a full day of work as it stimulates the central nervous system, heart and muscles. It also has a diuretic effect on the body and can cause an increase in urine flow. Coffee is also a source of antioxidants and is considered healthy when consumed in moderate amounts.

However, the World Health Organisation recommends for pregnant women to consume 300 milligrams of caffeine a day. For some coffee-holic mummies, this might be tough! Why you should you consider limiting caffeine intake? During pregnancy, caffeine consumption can impact the baby inside you. Did you know that caffeine consumption is compared to smoking? Potential risks include premature births or low birth weight. Oh no. Sounds scary enough to kick the habit to the curb. Read on further to learn about the side-effects of consuming caffeine whilst being pregnant.

In a recent study, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health tracked more than 50, 000 expectant mothers throughout their pregnancies, specifically looking at the mothers’ intake of caffeine. While the researcher did not find that caffeine might have caused premature birth, they found a correlation between caffeine consumption and low birth weight. Take note that low weight babies might be at risk of health problems.

Anything you consume while pregnant can travel through the placenta and impact your baby. Caffeine can also cause the baby to become more active. Furthermore, a 2008 study revealed women who consumed caffeine were at a higher risk for miscarriages in comparison to pregnant women who did not.

While the decision to drink or not to drink should be in your hands, take into consideration your own health and body’s tolerance or reaction to caffeine during pregnancy. Moderate your intake accordingly. Take note that coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine. Caffeine can lurk in sweetened drinks and chocolate bars. You might need to complete diet overhaul during your pregnancy to curb or regulate your caffeine intake. Do take note to be more cautious to what you consume so as to not harm your health or your baby’s. It’s time to think for 2 now. Also, there are various kinds of alternative to a caffeine fix to kickstart your day. Stay tuned as we explore further and help a fellow mummy out. Do remember, ultimately more research will be of great help. And if all else fails, a trip down to your doctors will help you with further queries.

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Congratulations on the new addition to your family! As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. As we know, everyone goes through a different process of pregnancy. Some go through it with ease others, not really. With your body going through a massive series of changes within this 9 months it is only viable for you to be self-aware and understand whether what you’re going through is as normal as the sun rising from the east. We have decided to help all you pregnant mommies out by giving you a heads up! Bear in mind, we are not here to scare you; we are here to ensure what you’re going through has been dealt with by many preggy mommies. So, take a deep breath in and know that it is always crucial to know which symptoms warrant a visit to the doctors’ and which of it are normal.

Spotting And Bleeding–We know what you might be thinking. How is it possible to have any signs of blood whilst being pregnant? Well, first thing you’ve to know is whenever any sign of blood is noticed, you have to find the source of it. Do take note that during the first 8 weeks of a pregnancy, spotting is usually a normal occurrence which means that the embryo is implanting in the uterus. However, this bleeding could also be from a vaginal tear if you recently had sex or a cervical infection, both of which that isn’t harmful to your pregnancy. BUT if the spotting is followed by pain, it is advisable to ring up your doctor and follow up with an appointment.

Contractions–The biggest worry amongst first time mommies. Unlike labour contractions, pregnancy contractions are usually painless and irregular. Highly likely to occur during the third trimester, it can be present during the second trimester as well. Do take note that dehydration can also cause you to feel them. Always remember to hydrate yourself, mommies!!

Depression–Studies done by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have shown that between 14 and 23 percent of women suffer from depression. If you have depression now, your chances of post-partum depression can be higher. Although it is perfectly normal to be going through this, it’s advisable to speak to someone about it. Mental health above all else, ladies!

Vaginal Discharge–It is perfectly normal to have an increase in clear discharge during pregnancy. However, if it is followed by blood, pain or pressure, do consult a professional. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Shortness of Breath–With, the increase of progesterone and your pregnant belly growing at a rapid speed, this is completely normal!

Headaches and swelling are completely normal symptoms to be facing during pregnancy too. However, if you’re concerned about anything, always remember your doctors are always there to help guide you through this journey. Remember mommies, always trust your gut. Or in this case, ALWAYS trust the little cutie in your belly!

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Gaining weight has destroyed the self-esteem of many since the day of age. Ah, the things you have to sacrifice to accommodate to your new tenant. Clothes don’t fit like they used to before, the skin on your face isn’t as flawless as it once was, those dreadful dark circles come out to play whilst you’re suffering from a mix of sleep deprivation and lethargy on a daily basis, the sudden thinning of your hair and those swelled up ankles/feet amidst the other physical horrors of pregnancy that shouldn’t receive more attention than it should. We are here to help you turn that frown upside down while being in support of you loving your beautiful pregnant body!


  1. Tailoring to your needs!

Clothes don’t fit you like they used to before? Hey! Use that as an excuse the next time you’re out shopping. Rock your beautiful baby bump in that brand new maxi dress you’ve been looking to get for the longest time. The best part about a pregnancy body is obviously enjoying the perks of living in comfort. Get those yoga pants and waistless jeans out and go about your day-to-day routine in them. No one will judge a pregnant woman when it comes to clothes and let’s face it, who dares to anyway?

  1. Basking in the Pregnancy Glow

Myth busted! Make way for this amazing thing called the Pregnancy Glow! With everyone you meet complimenting how radiant you look now, it is only natural for people to look past the flaws you think you have seemed to incur during pregnancy. We blame the human mind for making us aware of our insecurities for that! What you have to realise is that with pregnancy comes along a package of beauty perks. A little weight gain shouldn’t impede your confidence. Break through and embrace the life that is growing within you. Remember to snack on more fruits to keep up with the pregnancy glow. Have no fear-we promise not to tell on you for secretly enjoying your pregnant body for as long as you can.

  1. Hello, “girls”!

Another bonus to loving your body is definitely the view. With your “girls” growing rapidly what’s a little more attention, right? These two very prominent benefits of pregnancy will be on display for you to love. Sit back, relax and soak in every moment of attention given to you by your loving spouse.

  1. Hungry for more?

Ending off on a lighter note, you also can use your belly as it doubles as a built-in shelf. The pregnant belly can come in handy in this manner. We’ll fill you in on a story by one of our pregnant mommies. As she was munching away on a plate of cookies recently. a cookie got knocked off her hand by accident. She groaned as the thought of picking it off the floor serves as a difficult task with the baby bump in the way. However, when she looked down, she saw that the fall of her cookie was unharmed and lying atop her 30-weeks pregnant belly. Now, we are not advising you to use your baby bump as a permanent dining table but it sure comes in handy in times of crisis. The crisis, in this case, being the fall of a half-eaten cookie!

So ladies, there we have it! Get out there and strut your beautiful body to the world.

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