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(In photo: Sarah Stage, fitness model rocking a 6-pack bump at 6-months pregnant)

Knocked-Up Workout

Let’s face it – we barely have the motivation to hit the gym in our usual, healthy and normal state, much less to do so when our body is working overtime to grow a baby inside.

Age-old beliefs had us believing that expecting mums should avoid physical activities and exercises for fear of harming the baby’s development. And a small tummy would more often than not garner worried comments for fear of the baby being squashed inside.

But our body is a wonderful, miraculous temple – and your baby is stronger than you give it credit for. Science has since supported findings that working out during your pregnancy have proven to provide tremendous benefits both physically and mentally. The surge of endorphins from the workout does both you and your baby more good than harm – and a happy pregnancy is bound to ease you from all the woes and worries as a new mom.

Fitspo Pregnancy

If you have been working out pre-pregnancy, you are more than capable to continue your routine with some modifications to the regime or the intensity. If you haven’t trained prior to the pregnancy, then it is best to consult with your doctor before getting the green light to embark on a fitness programme. It is best to engage a qualified fitness trainer that can best guide you and plan your regime catered to your needs. The aim is ultimately to train gently while still benefiting from it safely.

Your workout doesn’t have to be exhausting to be effective. Even a prenatal Yoga or Pilates can be rejuvenating, or few laps in the pool will be invigorating as it takes the weight off you.

The rule of thumb: always listen to your body.

Some days, we can barely make it out of bed, never mind to hit the gym. Fitness fatigue during pregnancy hits even the best of us. And it’s no big deal. Take a break or a cheat day. Just take advantage of the energetic days and bounce back into your routine.

If you are strapped for time, build the workout into your daily schedule. Walk to the next bus-stop instead of heading to the nearest one. Park your car further away from the office and take that extra 5-10 minutes walk. The fresh air will give you the extra energy boost to keep your mood uplifted through the day.

You Are What You Eat

Like any workout plan, the right diet is just as important. Plan your meals around healthy fats and proteins and opt for light, healthy snacks to keep your energy up. Always keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after your exercise.

While a “6-pack bump” may be the envy of many, women come in different shapes and sizes, and carry differently. So “normal” isn’t the same for every pregnant woman. Instead, focus on your overall health and wellness for both yourself and your baby.

6-pack or not, you are fabulously glowing as it is.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Well, there’s a clear reason as to why you are here and we understand. We really do. Where there is joy, there’s bound to be woes. For first time mummies, you will ultimately be put in the spot by one-to-many mummies around you bombarding you with countless amounts of ‘pregnancy tips’. Whilst, we are not saying everyone around you is wrong, bear in mind that every pregnant body is different. For, when one mummy doesn’t have to go through the dreading morning sickness, another would have gone through weeks of it. See what we mean, here? For many women, the first-trimester is deemed to be the hardest. Especially when you’ve not gone through it before. Worry not, for we are here to help you get through this.

Morning Sickness – as mentioned above, some may have it, some may not. In any case, morning sickness has been an early indicator of a pregnancy as it is. However, unlike its name, morning sickness can strike at any time. And we all know how much of a hassle it is to bring along a barf bag wherever you are heading to. Another thing is a pregnant woman will automatically find themselves being super-alert to certain smells (good and bad). This is very common and there are many ways to soothe your morning sickness from constantly occurring. For example, you can try nibbling on dry crackers or sweets that contain plums. Stay hydrated and most importantly try to keep your stomach slightly full. These tiny tips will indefinitely help you in keeping the nausea at bay.

Tender Breasts – this is one of the first few indicators of pregnancy and it can be surprisingly painful. Breast tenderness can also be alarming for some women. However, there are definitely ways to curb it. You can opt to wear softer bras or an old bra that’s been stretched out. If you are looking to purchase a new set of bra, keep an eye out for maternity friendly bras or simply get the cotton ones. They might be more soothing and they will definitely help you feel better.

Fatigue – seemingly a common occurrence to many whilst being pregnant, fatigue may be of a huge problem when you are working full time or already have young children to manage. The recommended solution for fatigue is definitely to get ample rest. Ensure that you’re getting 8 hours of rest a day else slotting in naps within the day. It may not help to rid the lethargy but we can try.

Bleeding – while this typically doesn’t occur to every pregnant woman, it still is scary. A lot of women experience a little bleeding during their pregnancy and as it is a common factor, it usually doesn’t affect the pregnancy. Do note, however, the difference between spotting and a heavy flow of bleeding. If you feel like something is amiss, drop a visit to your nearest Gynecology and find out what’s bothering you.

We wish you all the best in your pregnancy journey!

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Hello mummies-to-be! We’re back today with a write up on some tips to help guide you along the pregnancy dos and don’ts. As you already know, the folklores and horror pregnancy stories are ceasing to exist in this modern age. However, this does not make it ok to do everything you’ve been ‘warned’ not to do by the older generation. For example, it is still unsafe for a pregnant woman to be out on the streets in the night—not because of the ghosts that’re lurking in the shadows but due to the dark streets and how it will affect your vision thus, ensuring you avoid anything mishaps if they were to occur. Let’s get on to it, now.


Multivitamin: studies have shown following a healthy diet alone may not be enough for pregnancy. Hence, it is always good to take a multivitamin on top of following a balanced diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals to provide your baby and you with the appropriate amount of nutrients it needs. That way it’s beneficial for your baby and you. Do take note of the ingredients of a multivitamin before purchase though. And bear in mind that omega-3 fats are important for your baby’s brain development.

Ample rest: being sleep deprived doesn’t work well with anyone. Let alone a pregnant mummy. Once your newborn arrives it’ll make sleep elusive. Therefore, it’s always advisable to grab as much rest as you can. If a deep slumber isn’t attainable, schedule naps whenever you can. Change up your bedtimes to achieve the required 8 hours of sleep each night. Fatique is a sign that your body needs more rest, so ditch the worrying and get as much Zzz’s as you can.

Work out: remember when women were told to avoid lifting a finger whilst pregnant? Well, gone are those days. We know that ample exercise is good for mummy and baby. Regular exercise also helps with insomnia, muscle pains, excessive weight gains and mood swings. If you were quite a health nut before being pregnant, continue the good habit. If exercise isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can opt to give yoga shot.


No smoking: yes, we know you already know this. But, being around smokers could also be harmful to yours and your baby’s health. Hence, it is advisable to stay away whenever possible. Also, babies born to women who smoke whilst pregnant are most likely to have a lower birth weight and are more likely to incur learning disabilities as compared to those mummies who don’t smoke.

No raw meat: ditch the steak tartare and opt for well, cooked dishes. As we know undercooked meat and eggs have a higher risk of foodborne illnesses. Also, food poisoning is quite the common occurrence and these conditions can cause serious and life-threatening illnesses.

No deli meats: this is inclusive of storebought or frozen sausages, salmon, nuggets and other cured means. Due to the various kinds of toxins they are possibly injected with to last longer – it may not work well with a pregnant mummy’s body.

Remember if anything is bothering you, do follow it up with your Gynae. Have a smooth sailing pregnancy, mummies!

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Growing a human inside you is no easy feat. You don’t just deal with physical symptoms but mental and emotional ones too. The backaches, cramps and foot aches are coupled with emotional roller-coasters and brain drain. You’ll also experience more stress closer to the advent of your budding bub as you change you and your partner organize and prepare for a sea change of your carefree lifestyles! These moments can be overwhelming and stressful. Remember that the stress you feel can result in physical ailments like high blood pressure and impact your baby growing inside you. That’s why you need to make sure you create some Zen moment! Here are some suggestions for ways to Zen out during this period:
Knead the Stress Away!

Treat yourself to a prenatal massage. A massage therapist can tailor massage and pressure intensity to suit your pregnancy and health concerns. A prenatal massage can work wonders on body and mind. It will help to alleviate back pains, cramps and muscle aches and improves blood circulation. It could also help you get some rest.  Prior to going for the passage, keep the following in mind:

Walk It Off!

Even if you feel sluggish during this time, make sure to stick to a light exercise routine. Exercise lifts the spirits and creates endorphins to give you that Zen feeling! However, avoid any strenuous activity during this time. Check with your doctor prior to starting any sport. Walking is a great cardiovascular activity that you can stick to during this time. Get yourself a good pair of walking shoes as proper sole support can take you a long way during your pregnancy. Zen out during long weekends.

Give yourself some TLC

You might be thinking more of your baby and overlook your own health and appearance. Make sure to take some TO to pamper yourself with a much needed beauty treatment like mani/pedicures! Head on down to your favourite nail salon or hair dresser for some self-loving.

There are number of ways to Zen out during this time, make sure to do so as it can have a positive impact on your general wellness.

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