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Growing a human inside you is no easy feat. You don’t just deal with physical symptoms but mental and emotional ones too. The backaches, cramps and foot aches are coupled with emotional roller-coasters and brain drain. You’ll also experience more stress closer to the advent of your budding bub as you change you and your partner organize and prepare for a sea change of your carefree lifestyles! These moments can be overwhelming and stressful. Remember that the stress you feel can result in physical ailments like high blood pressure and impact your baby growing inside you. That’s why you need to make sure you create some Zen moment! Here are some suggestions for ways to Zen out during this period:
Knead the Stress Away!

Treat yourself to a prenatal massage. A massage therapist can tailor massage and pressure intensity to suit your pregnancy and health concerns. A prenatal massage can work wonders on body and mind. It will help to alleviate back pains, cramps and muscle aches and improves blood circulation. It could also help you get some rest.  Prior to going for the passage, keep the following in mind:

Walk It Off!

Even if you feel sluggish during this time, make sure to stick to a light exercise routine. Exercise lifts the spirits and creates endorphins to give you that Zen feeling! However, avoid any strenuous activity during this time. Check with your doctor prior to starting any sport. Walking is a great cardiovascular activity that you can stick to during this time. Get yourself a good pair of walking shoes as proper sole support can take you a long way during your pregnancy. Zen out during long weekends.

Give yourself some TLC

You might be thinking more of your baby and overlook your own health and appearance. Make sure to take some TO to pamper yourself with a much needed beauty treatment like mani/pedicures! Head on down to your favourite nail salon or hair dresser for some self-loving.

There are number of ways to Zen out during this time, make sure to do so as it can have a positive impact on your general wellness.

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Pregnancy can be an exciting journey, but it may not be the easiest journey to go through. There comes cases of anxiety, stress, tiredness, aches and a bag full of emotions. Well, we are here to let you know that you are not alone and that there are several exercises that you can adopt to cope with this roller-coaster ride. One of the many methods is meditation. Prenatal meditation does require a lot of patience and practice to master but it will definitely help you to balance your emotions and improve your well-being.


We would like to share with you 3 prenatal meditation techniques that will help you to find peace and balance mentally during your pregnancy journey.

Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation is one of the most effective ways to aid relaxation. It is convenient and can be done anywhere. As simple as focusing on your breath, take deep and full breaths can really help with relaxing your muscle tensions mentally and physically. Sit comfortably with your back straight and place one hand on chest and one on your stomach. Breathe in through your nose and feel your hands rise from your body. Exhale through your mouth and feel your body go back to position with your hands. Repeat the steps while inhaling and exhaling more heavily and steadily. Try to do this 5 minutes everyday.

This is one of the fundamentals of meditation that will help with other meditation techniques. As you practice and master this technique, you will find other techniques much smoother.

Mantra Meditation

This technique uses sound vibrations to focus on your body’s energy. Chanting or listening to chants or calming music develops vibrations that aim to balance the energy centers of your body. You can chant with words that imitate the sound of breathing such as ‘Om’ and ‘So-hum’. Breathe in and say ‘Om’ on exhale or inhale at ‘So’ and exhale on ‘hum’ creates vibrations alike to breathing. As you repeat the steps, go quieter until the sounds of your chants cannot be heard anymore. This type of meditation helps you to connect with your baby as they hear your chants which can help with calming and building a sense of assurance as well. This focuses on your well-being as well as your baby’s.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This meditation technique requires a longer duration to master as it is progressive. It involves a two-step process where you tense and relax your muscle in different areas of your body. This technique aims to relieve muscle tension by controlling and relaxing each muscle areas. You can target and put emphasis on areas you deem that needs more attention and relaxation.

This technique helps with understanding your muscle tensions and can be effectively used to control anxiety, stress and even improve cases of insomnia. While learning how to relax your body, it helps with relaxing your mind as well.


Ultimately, every meditation technique aims to ease muscle tension in your body, control heart rate and anxiety, and encourages restful sleep. With practice, your mental and physical state will eventually reap the benefits of meditation and you will feel the progress gradually. Try these techniques today!

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