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STePping Up Support During Your Pregnancy

Your pregnancy might be seeing you through an entire wardrobe overhaul! Rightfully so, as you will need clothes that make you feel comfortable as your belly swells. However, is there anything else you might overlook? Foot aches are likely a symptom of being pregnant as you get used to carrying more weight on your person. Your feet will undergo various stresses as you move along during your pregnancy!

What are some feet issues during pregnancy?

The extra weight of the baby will put a strain on your whole body! It also changes your centre of gravity and might make you feel unbalanced or clumsy. It will also place added stress on your body.

Swelling is an issue that plagues expecting mums! The body in an effort to cater to the needs of the developing baby, produces more blood and body fluids that leads to swelling! This means trying to fit into your old shoes can be difficult and painful! Swelling affects the hands, face, legs and the feet! It’s important that you choose the best footwear to accommodate these changes.

There is an increased risk of sprains or trauma to the ligament in pregnancy. Your body composition is changing and your body produces more relaxin hormones that makes you more flexible in the pelvic area as your body prepares for delivery.  These changes in the pelvic region make the ligaments more susceptible to traumas and sprains which means you need to protect yourself with adequate support or guards!

To counter these issues, you must ensure that you choose footwear that can support and help stabilize you! During this period, you need to ensure that your feet are well-supported with a firm insole and a strong heel.

When choosing shoes, also ensure that they have adjustable straps so you can adjust them to fit according to the swelling! Also, it’s good to help counter any ankle strains. In addition, choose the correct fit! Your toes will swell up during pregnancy and you might need to consider getting a roomier fit. Also, seeing as you might have decreased mobility during your later stages of the pregnancy, invest in some quality slip-ons!

You might like to leave those dainty heels on the shelf for a while as they don’t provide the support you need during this time. Pick comfort over aesthetics during this time. Step up the support for a pep in your step during your pregnancy.

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