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Stem cell treatment for Covid-19 shows early success

The potential of stem cells for treating numerous health conditions and diseases has been known for some time now.  They are reported to be effective in treating over 80 different ailments. It is heartening to note the positive reports emanating from different parts of the world on early successes with the use of stem cells for treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Even as the world battles to limit the havoc wreaked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the quest for a vaccine continues in earnest, a team of doctors and researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center (ADSCC) developed and obtained a patent for the treatment of Covid-19 infections using stem cells.

According to a report in the Khaleej Times, the treatment “involves extracting stem cells from the patient’s own blood and reintroducing them after activating them. The patent was granted for the innovative way in which the stem cells are collected.”

73 Covid-19 parents were successfully treated and cured with this method. Additional trials of this new approach to treatment are underway.

Closely following this development is the news on Forbes that Australian biotech company Mesoblast is commencing a “a randomized, controlled study of its stem cell therapy remestemcel-L in the treatment of COVID-19 patients experiencing acute respiratory distress syndrome.”

As a cord blood banking company, Cryoviva is excited about the potential and possibilities of these stem cell treatments. While many of these treatments are still only at the trial stage, the initial results reported do offer a lot of hope. We are hopeful that the efficacy of stem cell treatments will be proven not only for treating Covid-19 patients but a lot more conditions.

If you are interested in finding out more about the potential of stem cell treatments and how storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood can help, get in touch with one of our consultants who will be able to help you with all the necessary information. Simply submit the contact form here or call +65-8339 8442.

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