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Skincare During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes your body, but it can also bring about more concerns for your skin! Do you find that people praise your glow? That pregnancy glow is due to the increased blood volume in your body that causes your skin to swell.  This effect lasts until the second or third trimester during which you might need to battle pigmentation and stretch marks!

You can’t control the arrival of stretch marks as you will find your body gains weight to support another being! You can try to use creams and natural oils that can reduce their appearance. They are more common on your stomach.

You might find that you are getting more freckles and age spots during your pregnancy. This is due to hormones! Estrogen stimulates pigment production resulting in the advent of spots! To cope with these changes, use a sun screen when out in the sun. Make sure to use a mineral based one that’s natural and lead free.

Hormones can cause havoc during this time and some pregnant ladies find that they have more acnes during this time. If you have more acne during pregnancy, this might be due to an increase in oil production. You might like to use products suited for oily skin.

That said, make sure to check with your doctor or a dermatologist to see if you might need to stop using certain skincare products during this critical time! Products with Vitamin A or retinols have been reported to cause fetal deformities and should be avoided during pregnancy. Botox treatments should be avoided during pregnancy as it can cause paralysis in the baby.

Keep it simple with your skincare during pregnancy. Use natural cleansers that are water based and are made from natural ingredient. Supplement your skin routine with a healthy diet and make sure to stay hydrated! You might also like to check on the ingredients in your make up products.

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