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Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Tell tale clues on pregnancy? 

Think that you are pregnant? Here are some strong clues and  early signs and symptoms of pregnancy that you must look out for. Of course, it is best to get your pregnancy verified with a pregnancy home kit and a visit to a gynecologist, but more often than not the below listed symptoms can you a fairly good assessment.  

Swollen Breasts

A very common pregnancy symptom is your breasts seeming to be swollen. This is because of the hormonal changes in your body upon  conception. As a result, your breasts may become tender and sore. Also your breasts may feel fuller and heavier.


Fatigue is an early symptom of your pregnancy. During early pregnancy, your body takes lots of energy to start supporting your baby and consequently you will experience a lot of tiredness. If you start feeling unusually tired without any significant changes to your lifestyle, then it may well be worthwhile to question the possibility of a pregnancy. 

Mood swings

Mood swings are very common during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. As lack of adequate and restful sleep, hormonal surges and pains can affect your mood and feeling. It is likely that your partner or other family members are the ones to notice the mood swings first, but being aware of the connection between mood swings and pregnancy will certainly help you! 

Nausea/ Morning Sickness

Wake up feeling nauseous? It’s caused by by the sudden hormonal changes in your body. The nausea can strike at any time of the day or night, though it is very typical to feel the most degree of nausea in the morning.  We will cover the morning sickness/ nausea syndrome in more detail in other upcoming articles and suggest ways to cope with it. 


During pregnancy, hormonal changes trigger frequent, mild headaches. If you have not been prone to migraines or frequent headaches, and these are a new occurrence, then consider this symptom along with some of the others mentioned here to consider the possibility of you being pregnant.  

Food Cravings

During pregnancy, your taste buds may feel numb and as a result you may crave for sour foodstuffs. Some pregnant women even crave certain other  foods such as coffee and fried food that they may not even be habituated to. .These food preferences can be caused by hormonal changes, especially in the first trimester.

Missed Period

The most obvious and earliest sign that you may be pregnant following conception is missing your monthly period. This is usually quite a reliable indicator of pregnancy, especially if your periods are usually regular

Vaginal Bleeding

Known as implantation bleeding, it’s caused by the embryo implanting itself into the lining of the womb. Some women may experience abdominal cramping in early pregnancy.

Faintness and Giddiness

During pregnancy, faintness will be triggered by low blood sugar. As blood vessels widen and your blood pressure drops, you will feel dizzy.


The burning sensation is caused by the slowing down of the  gastrointestinal tract and the relaxation of the muscles at the opening of the stomach, resulting in the reflux of the acidic gastric juices. Check out our article on how you can rely on yoga for pregnancy heartburn

Just “Feeling” Pregnant

Many of you may be experiencing one or more of the above mentioned signs and symptoms of pregnancy symptoms, which is why you are you are checking out this article. You may also have an intuition or gut feeling about your impending motherhood. It is an inexplicable feeling — and some women just call it “simply feeling pregnant”. Very often, the intuition is correct! 

Verify your pregnancy

As soon as you encounter some of these symptoms, please get in touch with your doctor and confirm your pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is a particularly sensitive time and you will have to take all necessary steps to ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy. 

For more such informative articles, please check out our Pregnancy Tips section where you will find simple and practical tips on a range of topic including diet, nutrition, exercise and emotional wellness. 

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