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Should Dads do Night Feeds?

In the aftermath of delivery, you’re bound to encounter a string of sleepless nights as you dutifully attend to your newborn! You’ll be up doing the graveyard shifts more often than not and find yourself completely shattered at the break of day! Do you have to shoulder the sole responsibility or having the hubby chip in? Should dads do night feeds?

Sleep deprivation can be a huge challenge! It might cause various stresses on your body and mind. If you need a hand with handling night feeds, make sure to let your hubby know! He could help out in other ways to burp or change the baby. Don’t let the feelings of envy fester, rather just request your hubby’s help as needed! He might be more than happy to chip in as he might miss being around the baby and you when he’s working.

Getting your hubby to shoulder some of the responsibility can also help to deepen your bond especially in the aftermath of the newborn. You are establishing yourselves as a team and are looking out each other.

Also, seeing as you wouldn’t want to tire him out completely, make sure to work out a suitable schedule. Make sure to keep night feeds as team. It’s a great way to make him feel more involved and also he can begin nurturing a deeper bond with the little one. He’ll learn how to hold and swaddle the little one accordingly.

Besides, wouldn’t it be great to have someone up with you in the wee hours trying to figure out why the little one is all vexed? Make sure you find way for your hubby to support you on this journey and take an active role in the first few months of your child’s birth.

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