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You baby starts to listen in on everything at eighteen weeks. Aside from the constant ticking of your heartbeat, your baby will respond to sounds within and around you. At twenty-four weeks, they are able to listen and respond to the svelte tone of mummy’s voice and those around them. It is a known fact that babies’ heartbeats  become regular  from hearing the sound of their mother’s  voice. Research has also shown that babies recall other sounds they hear during pregnancy. This will be the best time to tune your child’s taste in music?

Music is vital to children’s development. Often, language is learnt through the catchy jingles. It also helps with relaxation. There are a number of schools of thought that believe certain kinds of music, classical in particular, have a positive impact on intelligence. The ‘Mozart Effect’ was invented by French researcher Dr Alfred Tomatis, a Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist who believed that classical music could aid children’s mental development. He conducted 30 years of research on the impact of listening to classical music. The ‘Mozart Effect’ has also been widely researched. A 1993 study published in Science, a journal, revealed that teenagers who listened to Mozart performed better in tests! The ‘Mozart Effect’ became so popular that Georgia governor, Zell Miller gave expectant mothers classical music CDs!

Can playing classical music to your baby help him or her to harness their intellectual prowess? No one knows for sure but there is no harm giving it a shot. Playing classical music to your baby can have positive effects:

  1. Keep Calm & Carry On

Classical music has a calming effect on the mind and body. The slow tunes and musical chores relax the mind. Babies  sleep better and staycalm.

  1. Uplift Mood

There’s no way you can listen to Vivaldi’s La Primavera (Spring) not feel a spring in your step. A study bt the American Music Therapy Association revealed that  listening to classical rhythms stimulated endorphins in the brain that helps to relax and uplift mood.

  1. Language Development

Music is a great way to teach language. Listening to classical music can help your child to read faster, develop better memories and hone their listening skills.

Go ahead, play the classics. What’s your favourite classical music you play for your unborn child? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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