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Collection Process

How is Umbilical Cord Tissue Collected?

Simple, quick, and painless in 3 steps

  1. Immediately after the collection of cord blood, the clamped umbilical cord will be cut and stored in a sterile container.
  2. It takes 1 minute to collect 10-12 cm of umbilical cord lining which poses no threat to mum and baby.
  3. Finally, the segmented umbilical cord will be transported to our laboratory for processing.


Explant Technique

Explant Techique is a time proven, non-enzymatic method of culturing the tissue in the most natural condition to ensure a better yield of highly viable cells for effective therapeutic applications.

The entire process must conform to all applicable quality standards. This further ensures most natural process using specific grade media for high output of clinical grade Mesenchymal Stem Cells for maximum healing benefits.

Our services include facilitation in the umbilical cord tissue collection, testing, processing and long-term storage of umbilical cord tissue, and its retrieval for any authorized treatment in future, or for participation in clinical trial for research use.