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5 reasons why adoption of cord blood banking has great scope to grow

Contrary to common perception, the use of umbilical cord blood in healthcare is not very new. In fact, the first known cord blood transplant took place over 30 years ago in 1988. Since then, there have been well over 20,000 cord blood transplants worldwide and there is an inventory of over 3,000,000 units of stored cord blood globally.

While cord blood banking is gaining wider acceptance, there are several reasons why it has taken so long to do so.

  1. Insufficient awareness about the need and benefits of cord blood banking: We have observed that a large number of pregnant women and their partners are still not aware of the potential of cord blood stem cells for treatment of some life-threatening diseases and health conditions. In fact, stem cells are often the only effective treatment for them. Family cord blood banks like Cryoviva Singapore are working to increase overall awareness through events and social media channels. Interactive sessions such as webinars and commemorative events like the Cord Blood Awareness Month in July and the World Cord Blood Day in November also contribute to this effort. While significant progress has been made in the last few years, a lot more needs to be done before every couple in Singapore that is going the family way is well-informed about the benefits of cord blood banking.
  2. Cost of cord blood banking and consequent financial implications: This is a legitimate concern for any couple that is considering storage of their baby’s cord stem cells. However, we have addressed the issue of cost of cord blood banking in considerable detail in a recent article, which we hope will give them sufficient clarity on the financial implications. To summarize, the value outweighs the costs, especially with the flexible payment plans and other options available for prospective parents opting for cord blood banking.
  3. The belief that they may never need cord stem cells for transplant:  To parents who discount the need for cord component storage on the basis of belief that the probability of them needing stem cells for transplant is low, we hope the belief holds true! The need for transplant may indeed be a low probability event; however, life does throw up nasty shocks. The key is to be prepared for these unforeseen eventualities so that you are more likely to get desirable outcomes. The price you pay to be prepared for such unforeseen circumstances will most likely pale in comparison to the risk of not doing so.

  4. Concerns about the credentials and long-term reliability of the cord blood bank: In a country like Singapore with a well-developed and well-regulated healthcare system matching the best in the world, these concerns probably hold less merit. Nevertheless, speaking for ourselves, AABB-accredited Cryoviva has strong credentials with a well-established track record in the field of cord blood banking and an experienced management team backed by committed investors. Any institution in this space has to be in it for the long haul- we surely are!

  5. Uncertainty about the future: We have seen several parents debate their choice and wondering if their child or they themselves would be in Singapore a few years into the future. In the highly mobile world of today, chances are that they may not; however, location should certainly not be a constraint. Not only will the baby’s cord blood be stored in an internationally accredited facility in Singapore, but also there are adequate provisions to have the stem cells transported anywhere in the world very quickly. Moreover, Cryoviva Singapore offers a range of benefits as part of its 9-in-1 protection plan to cover several unforeseen circumstances. Contact our team to discuss the specifics of these benefits.

As you can see, most of the above factors and concerns related to the adoption of cord blood banking have already been addressed or are being addressed. With greater awareness of cord blood banking and the treatment potential of cord stem cells, the availability of world-class facilities and the assurance of being able to readily access the stored stem cells in future, we are confident that adoption of cord component storage will grow rapidly in Singapore and the ASEAN region.

Interested in finding out more about cord blood banking in Singapore? Contact us now through the form on this page or WhatsApp us on +65- 83398482 and let our customer service consultants address your queries. 

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