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Read to Bond with your Unborn Baby

In our past articles, we shared ways you could bond with your unborn baby through yoga, meditation and playing classical music. In this article, we want to share with you the benefits of reading to your unborn baby.

We all know that reading is beneficial to children and adults alike!  If you’re going ‘huh? Read to my unborn baby?’, remember that  your baby can hear you at just eighteen weeks. There’s scientific evidence to prove that reading to your unborn baby can help early learning of language. Hence, reading to your unborn baby not only helps baby to recognize your voice, it also gives your baby a headstart in language development.  Sure, it can sound awkward reading to your belly, but it would be a great way to nurture the parent-baby bond.

Studies have shown that a baby’s fetal heart rate can stabilize from hearing mummy’s voice. Daddy can also join in with the bonding by reading to the baby too. While your baby might not be able to understand what you are reading, he/she will start to recognize your voice! This can create a deeper bond when baby has been born! It can also help to keep him/her relax. In addition, you could also be honing your baby’s brain to memorize and response to familiar sounds.

How often should you read to your baby? You can read as often as you like. In fact, daily reading at regular time is recommended. It doesn’t matter what books you read  as the point is to help familiarize your baby to your voice.

Start with nursery rhymes or books with fun rhythms like Dr. Seuss series. The cat in the hat is one of our favourites. You can even read the newspaper articles or short articles like this one to your child. So, grab a book and start reading to baby.

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