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Pregnancy Preparatory?

Whether you’re a first-time mother-to-be or pregnant with your next child, you’re bound to have questions bubbling in your mind:  how will I know I’m in labor? Will it hurt? Will my baby know how to breastfeed? How do I care for a newborn? How do I be a good mother? Or even, how do I take care of myself better now? You might not even experience similar symptoms from the last pregnancy or experiencing an anything but textbook pregnancy! Throughout your pregnancy, your body, too, will morph and you might be having a difficult time taking in all the changes!

How can you help yourself during this overwhelming period? It’s not like life hands you a manual!

You can be assured that the necessary support can be found in the huge array of classes or seminars organized by hospitals and so on! Learning during pregnancy is crucial to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge for what’s to come. What’s more is that during these sessions you can get to meet other expecting mothers who can be of great assistance Head on down to Learning to Love You this Friday, 15 September at Gleneagles from 12 to 4 PM is all about learning to nurture the little one growing inside of you.

Becoming a mother is a beautiful journey of learning and love. The Learning To Love You, pregnancy seminar will prepare you for parenthood. You’ll be treated to an afternoon of helpful sessions covering topics like breastfeeding, massage, cord blood banking and delivery. There’s something for you whether you’re an expecting mum or parent.

You can also look forward to a filling lunch, yummy desserts from Sweetest Moments during your tea break and even complimentary caricatures. Let Special Guest, Celebrity Mum and Singer-Songwriter Tay Kewei fill you in on her own pregnancy and parenting journey.  For the shopaholicas amongst us, you can quell your desire at shop at the mini-bazaar!

You’re going to have a fun and insightful time at Learning to Love You this Sat. It will be a great time and you’ll have a chance to prepare yourself for your baby and even, meet other mothers during this journey. Here’s more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/913410132193193/

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