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Momnesia or Pregnancy Brain!

Have you ever been warned about or are experiencing bouts of “momnesia” as an expectant mother? These bouts of forgetfulness or “pregnancy brain drain” supposedly afflict all expecting mothers. But, is it really a thing? A 2010 study in Australia suggests otherwise! The study concluded that the brain capacity is unchanged in pregnancy and that this supposed cognitive decline might just be a societal stereotype.

Even then, you might be experiencing “momnesia,” if you seem to struggle with short-term memory loss. You might enter a room and forget what you had to do or get. You might also find it overwhelming to remember appointments. This is a normal symptom as your life and priorities undergo an overhaul! Studies on this phenomenon have yet to yield conclusive evidence, but you have every reason to feel scattered or absentminded during this time.

Pregnancy doesn’t alter your brain, but you might feel less astute during this time! You’re still as you were and have always been. Forgetting things during this time is perfectly normal considering you might be dealing with changes in your body and overall lifestyle. In addition, your changing hormones and brand new responsibilities might result in some “momnesia!” There’s more progesterone and estrogen in you during this time that can affect the neurons in the brain. Things can become overwhelming as priorities change and impact your memory. “Momnesia” can feel debilitating, but is a normal symptom during this period.

Try to counter “momnesia” in these ways:

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on the brain. Try using these tips to have a good rest.

The simple way of keeping a To-Do list might be extremely useful during this period. Make sure to make note of the things you need to get done. Use that planner or useful Calender Apps on your phone.

Make sure to do some light exercise to stay active in body and in turn, mind during this period. However, remember to stay safe while at it.

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