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Meditation Apps for Mum-To-Be

Did you read our last post? We talked about how prenatal meditation can do a great amount of good for you and your unborn baby. Its benefits has been backed by scientific studies too. Even then, starting meditation can be challenging. How about using some Apps to help you get a head start? Here are five Apps to help you start meditating:

  1. Mind The Bump

A free App for iPhone and Android phones that helps individuals and couples mentally and emotionally prepare for having a baby and becoming a new parent. This program is for mothers and fathers. The program consists of tailored exercises to support you from the first day of pregnancy to 24 months after birth. Written by psychologists and psychiatrists, this program is based on extensive international literature surrounding the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation to reduce stress.’

  1. Headspace for Pregnancy

Headspace is popular meditation App used by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson. The App is free, but features In-App purchases. The Headspace Pregnancy pack is a 30-day pack designed for pregnant mothers that uses visualization that enables you to achieve a strong connection with your baby, helps you to relax and prepares you to become a mindful parent.

  1. Expectful

Expectful has you covered with a database of guided meditations during pregnancy and motherhood. You can use the App for free for a month and pay USD$9.99 for monthly access. Meditations are available online too. This app is charitable too. For every subscription purchased, the App gives one to an expectant mother in need because of its commitment to helping all individuals gain a healthy state of mind.

  1. iBirth

The iBirth App covers topics about pregnancy and features a section with powerful affirmations and thoughts for calming visualizations. You can access videos on labor positions for USD$ 4.99 to help you stay relax and mindful during this challenging period. It’s available on iTunes and Android.

  1. Noisli

Available on iPhone and Androids, the Noisli app could prove to be a useful relaxant during and after pregnancy. It includes high-quality sounds (like sea waves, etc) to help you focus, concentrate or relax. It has a background sound generator and that can prove  useful when putting your child to bed. This feature function includes offline sounds, timer and a fade out function.

These apps can help you to integrate meditation into your daily routine. As with all things, moderation is key. Listen to your body while meditating and remember to consult your doctor if you feel anything different.

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