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“I don’t believe people are not willing to help. I feel that a lot of us are too stressed or occupied with what we have going on individually and sometimes all we need is a little nudge to bring our attention towards recognising someone who have needs greater than us ”

Kindness changes everything!

I was about 6months pregnant and I had to take a taxi to my doctor’s appointment. The taxi man took one look at me and told me to be careful entering the car. Before he drove off, he said he’ll drive a little slower than normal as my bump is quite visible and he wanted to be sure to give us a safe journey. He checked if the air con temperature was ok and also if I needed anything to let him know. He spoke to me about how difficult it may be after having the arrival of the first child and if I ever felt it was too much to just relax and take it easy. It seems like a very small thing but I was genuinely thankful for him to put in so much effort to make sure I arrived at my destination safe. It definitely was not something I expected but it sure did make my day a lot brighter.

Why I support Baby in Tummy

I feel a lot of  mums have come across a moment where a lack of concern towards them made their day a little duller. From not being able to get a seat on the train or bus or having to wait for the lift to pass their floor 3 times before they get a space to enter. I believe baby in tummy will bring about that awareness and hopefully capture the attention of others to bring about a more considerate and attentive community.


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