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“To be kind is something that you discover in your daily life be it big or small,rich or poor, young or old. Everyone deserves kindness”

Be the reason someone smiles today

I remember vividly when I was 38 weeks pregnant, it was Mother’s Day. The past 9 months has been such a fruitful journey despite the daily obstacles like the heat. But it was a special day & I didn’t want anything to affect my mood, I even spent the extra time dolling myself up. As I was walking  to the train station, a lady approached me and said “ You are looking so beautiful, Congratulations & Happy’s Mother’s Day!” This caught me off guard as it was an uncommon gesture for Singaporeans. It amazes me how a simple remark can make such an impact.

Why I support Baby in Tummy

Its obvious that every expectant mother deserves extra kindness with what they already have to deal with on a daily basis. A little gesture can mean a whole lot more to someone else!

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