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How to convert your little one to consuming solid food

Introducing solid food can be a very daunting thought for many new parents. We share with you some great tips on how to go about doing it

Introducing solid foods

How to go about introducing solid food to your baby

When you are considering weaning your baby onto solid foods, always remember to trust your own judgment by watching your baby’s development, do not worry too much about an expected time or age to start.

When is your baby ready for solid food?

Breast milk or formula provides all the calories and nourishment your baby needs and can handle before his half-birthday. Prior to that, your baby’s digestive system simply isn’t ready for solids.

Waiting until 6 months to introduce solid food to your baby also help minimize the risk of adverse reactions to foods and allergies. However, some parents are strong believers that babies are eager and ready to eat solids much earlier. Here are some signs to indicate that your baby’s ready:

What kind of solid food should I feed to my baby?

While it’s traditional to start your baby on solids with a single-grain cereal, there’s no medical evidence proving that you have to introduce foods to your child in any particular order.

Parents feed their babies a wide range of first foods but professionals suggest iron-rich, runny textured food that are usually cooked and pureed with some breast milk, formula or water. Here are some consistent recommendations on which foods to offer your new eater:

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