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Help! My baby doesn’t want to sleep!

Are you struggling with getting your baby to sleep through the night? Here are some helpful tips on the phenomenon that is baby sleep!

baby sleep

Remember the times when you used to lie down, close your eyes, and sleep soundly through the night? Now, with your baby around, having a good night’s sleep is actually rather rare, especially if your baby always refuses to sleep through the night.

Here are some sleep strategies you can try to help your child sleep better.

1. Make daytime feeds social and lively.

Play and interact with your child more during daytime feeds, but make her nighttime feeds quiet and calm. This will help your baby to set her body clock and learn the difference between day and night.

2. Let your baby fall asleep on her own.

If your child is between six to eight weeks old, this is your chance to let her learn to fall asleep on her own. Put her down on her back when she’s sleepy, but still awake. If you rock or feed your baby to sleep too often, she will start to be dependent on it, instead of getting used to settling herself.

3. Set a bedtime routine.

Keep your bedtime routine short and simple, such as a bubble bath, a change of diapers and pajamas, and ending with a story or song. You should always finish your bedtime routine in 45 minutes and end it in your baby’s bedroom so that she will get used to it and know when the time to sleep is.

4. Give your baby a security object.

Babies usually need a sense of security to fall asleep. If you don’t want your baby to be too dependent on you, give your child a baby blanket or stuffed animal that has your scent. Babies have a very strong sense of smell, and if your baby wakes up, the smell of you will calm her down and help her go back to sleep.

5. Give your baby a “sleep massage”.

Studies show that infants and toddlers who were massaged daily for one month, for 15 minutes prior to bedtime, fell asleep more easily by the end of the study. Put that information to good use, and start giving your baby “sleep massages” every night to coax her to sleep.


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