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Flaunt Your Bump: Tips For Your Inner Fashionista

The myth of not being able to dress to kill whilst being pregnant is busted! No, you don’t have to purchase dated and oversized maternity wear. Skip the hand-me-downs and start flaunting that gorgeous baby bump. Over the recent years, studies have shown that pregnant ladies have gotten mighty insecure about their baby bump. However, with the confidence that follows a well-dressed person, especially that of a pregnant lady, you’d definitely be making those around you green with envy.

So, here we have a few tips to enable you to strut your bump whilst being a total diva. Let’s get your credit card ready and start rocking that fab bod; maternity style!

First up, look for form-fitting clothes instead of oversized clothes. Oversized clothes will make you seem bigger than you are. The tip here is to accentuate your body and give the impression that you’re still the diva you were born to be.  Also, keep a lookout for clothes with an elastic waistband. While looking good is the main priority here, we should also take not of comfort to not hurt ourself. We know how jeans get uncomfortable after a certain amount of time. With the evolution of leggings to jeggings, one need not worry about not looking ‘stylish’ while putting on a pair of leggings, anymore. Jeggings are also very comfortable—it basically holds up your unbuttoned jeans and allows you to get away with not having to buy those maternity jeans.

If jeans or pants aren’t your thing, Maxi dresses are still in the rage. Who are we kidding, it was never out of style. And the best thing about putting on a maxi dress is no matter the body type, it’ll still look flattering on you and that gorgeous baby bump. Pairing a simple maxi dress with accessories can have you looking like an absolute stunner in no time. Another mode of convenience is, with a simple swap of accessories, you can easily transition from day and night wear with minimal effort.

Know your body type. Whether your body’s pear shaped or an hourglass, it is always feasible to dress according to your body type. Hence, being pregnant also leads to having a different ‘pregnancy body type’. With that being said, there are 4 main ‘pregnancy body types’ to look out for. They are mainly, being big all over, a low carrier, a high carrier and being small all over. Once you have identified your pregnancy body type, go over to any style website for inspirations on how to dress.

Not only will you be learning so much by being a pregnant fashionista, you’ll also be THE mommy all pregnant ladies look for when it comes to flaunting their gorgeous bump. It’s always a pleasure being of help to anyone about anything. There you have it. A few tips on taking a walk on that pregnancy road with ease and dressing exceptionally well while at it!

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