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My Pregnancy Journey Webinar – Practical Tips to Prepare for the Future

Pregnancy is a time for expectation & excitement. Prepare for this exciting future with practical tips from experts in this FREE Webinar!  Register here. 


About the My Pregnancy Journey Webinar

Amidst the excitement and anticipation of arrival your new family member, we are sure you will reflect that your lives will never be the same again once your baby arrives. There are a lot of things to prepared for – the physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth on the mother, the mental and emotional wellness of all family members, the immediate and long-term health of the baby (and of course, all family members), and the financial readiness for the future.

Join us in the My Pregnancy Webinar and listen to our experts address many of these concerns that every expectant couple tends to go through. Grab valuable practical insights from their presentations and interact through live and interactive Q&A .

Speakers & Topics

1. Hope & Scope of Cord Blood Banking in Healthcare

Dr.Toh Keng Kiat

Director Medical Affiars, Cryoviva Singapore

2. Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

Dr.Tan Kai Lit

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Thomson Medical Centre

3. Lymphatic & DIY Pain Relief

Cindy Tan

Manual & Movement Therapist, Pain Relief Therapy

4. Giving Your Baby The Best Chance At Life

Page Neo

Senior Consultant, Financial Advisory, Financial Alliance Pte Ltd

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Date & Time

September 19, 2020 (Saturday), 2.30 - 4pm