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Do Babies Feel Sad? Watch this very emotional baby react to his mother’s singing voice!

You’ve seen your baby’s reaction when you are happy, angry and upset. The question is, can they really feel what you feel? 

Chase the Monday blues away with this cute video of a very emotional baby.

Humans are emotional creatures and these feelings start from birth. From your own experiences, you should know that babies respond to emotional expressions, like a big smile, frown or teardrops on your face.

These emotions help babies create strong bonds with their parents and caregivers, helping them express themselves before they learn how to speak. So don’t belittle your baby’s emotions, there’s always a reason behind it.

Most babies are more likely to feel distressed and uncomfortable rather than sad. They let their caregivers know this through a variety of ways, ranging from subtle expressions and movements to all-out cries.

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Sadness on the other hand usually emerges in babies who have past the 3 months mark and is usually first observed when a baby’s source of comfort or happiness is changed or removed. This could be a change in the atmosphere of the room or the removal of a parent from a baby’s line of vision.

We will never know how our baby is likely to react to something but we can always give them constant love and support.

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