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Precious Things

During pregnancy, while babies are connected to the placenta, abundance of nutrients transmit to the babies from mothers through umbilical cords. In like manner, babies, after born, continue getting the essential nutrients they need from their mothers through breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding your newborn is ultimately the finest dietary plan to start off during their early stages for its benefits in building up their immune system while supplying just the nutrients they need. Breast milk contains the perfect mix of vitamins, protein and fat that are vital to the growth of your infants. It also provides antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria, and is known to decrease the risk of them contracting to infections.

In addition to the health properties that breast milk can provide to your baby, breastfeeding can also help to foster closer bonds between you and your baby while you are at it as your baby can feel a sense of secure and safeness while being this close to you.

While it seems that breastfeeding benefits your baby greatly, it does also to mothers. Oxytocin, that releases during breastfeeding, help your uterus contract, reducing post delivery blood loss. This ensures a better healing process post delivery. Mentally, mothers often feel more empowered to see their babies grow and thrive on their breast milk alone.The best thing in the world is seeing your baby grow up healthily and knowing you have a part in it.