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Know the facts on Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Transplants

Like any relatively new field, there are lots of doubts and questions raised on the value, importance and efficacy of cord blood banking and stem cell transplants. Through the infographic above and this short piece, we present a snapshot of the development of  cord blood treatment thus far. 

While the realm of cord blood banking and cord stem cell transplants is relatively new vis-a-vis the history of modern healthcare, you can rest assured thanks to the pace of progress in this area. Umbilical cord stem cell transplants is indeed a fast-developing area of healthcare with lots of research and new discoveries.  In fact, as of 2019, there were already over 500+ clinical trials with cord blood and cord tissue for Advanced Cell Therapy.

Since the first cord blood transplant in 1988, it has already lined up some important milestones and successes, including over 40,000 cord blood transplants worldwide.

In 2005, the first experimental therapy for brain injury with  a child’s own cord blood stem cells was carried out. And within two years, in 2007, cord tissues had been used for advanced cell therapy.

Already, umbilical cord stem cells have shown to be useful in the treatment of over 80 different diseases and health conditions, including some blood disorders. See the list of conditions for which cord blood treatment is used. In fact, several trials are also underway on the potential use of cord blood in the fight against Covid-19. While these are early days, some of the initial results in this regard are positive.

Hopefully, this key highlights in the development of cord blood banking give you ample indication of its value and potential for the future. Please get in touch with us to understand more or clarify any doubts or apprehensions you may have about storing your baby’s precious cord blood with a family cord blood bank like Cryoviva.

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It is also a good time to consider and plan for cord blood banking for your baby’s long-term health. Umbilical cord blood is known to help with stem cell treatment of over 80 diseases or health conditions, even as newer research comes up to show its efficacy for other conditions . For specialist help in understanding whether storing your baby’s cord blood is right for you or knowing the cord blood banking costs in Singapore, speak to one of our consultants now on +65-8339 8482 or contact Cryoviva through this form.

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