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Cord blood banking: Hope and scope in healthcare

At a recent “My Pregnancy Journey” Webinar organized by Cryoviva, one of the leading cord blood banks in Singapore and the ASEAN region, Dr.Toh Keng Kiat, Director Medical Affairs of Cryoviva Singapore, spoke on the hope and scope of cord blood banking in healthcare.

Dr.Toh, a respected hematologist who was also involved in the setting up of the first cord blood bank in Singapore, explains in detail the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use a baby’s umbilical cord blood components as a potential source of protection against numerous health conditions/ disorders in future.

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Interested in knowing the benefits of umbilical stem cell storage as a long-term health protection for your baby and the family with potential for treatment of almost 80 diseases ? Contact our consultants now to understand the benefits of cord blood and cord tissue banking, the process of cord blood collection, storage and the cost of cord blood banking in Singapore

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