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Common Fears of Mums-to-be in Asia

Pregnancy is a cause for great celebrations, joy and hope. However, some mummies may experience a high level of stress and anxiety during this period. Especially when you’re pregnant in Asia. As we know, Asians have a long list of superstitious beliefs. Superstitious beliefs aside, there are a long list of fears that comes along with pregnancy. The good thing here is that you’re not the only one facing these fears in the dark. Here are some common fears that pregnant Asian women face and what you can do to overcome these fears.

The top 4 common fears faced by Asian women are: a baby being born with a birth defect, miscarriage, labour pains and a baby being tangled in the umbilical cord. With scary documentaries and tv shows being readily available these days, it’s only common for mums-to-be to overthink and be paranoid over matters that have less than a 10% chance of occurring to them. However, we are here to ensure you that following the proper diet plans and pregnancy rules, all this will remain matters of the mind. If you feel these thoughts consuming you and affecting your daily routine, it is advisable to visit your doctor and explain your worries to him/her. Not only will it give you an ease of mind but it will help you in having a smooth pregnancy as well.

Apart from the top 4 common fears above, we would also like to touch on the topic that most mum-to-be fear. Which is your partner being unfaithful. As your body go through vast changes along with your hormones, it is only natural to not feel sexual or sexually desired. If these thoughts are consuming you too much, it is advisable to have a chat with your partner. Not only will it lift a heavy load off your shoulders but it will definitely make the relationship you share with your partner even closer than before. This is a perfectly common fear to feel and over 80% of the time such thoughts are due to the hormonal changes that you’re currently going through. On a separate note, it is always great to take up more couple activities during this time to create a stronger bond with your partner. This crucial period requires a lot of communication and assurance and trust us, more often than not, a couple overcomes this obstacle by having a stronger bond than before.

Money!! In this day and age, money seems to be the root of all worries and it’s perfectly normal. Following the high cost of living in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and various parts of Asia, the cost of nappies, dummies, prams, high chairs, toys, milk and food can be very expensive. Which is why keeping a separate account for your child is very important. You may think you’re the only one facing these woes but you’re not. It’s ok to face this woe as you are doing everything you can now to provide your child with everything they need.

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