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Christmas Food to Avoid for Pregnant Women

Christmas Food to Avoid for Pregnant Women
One of the many best parts of Christmas is the sweet treats and sumptuous spread it has to offer. No doubt it’s a season of indulgence for many.
However, pregnant women need to be more careful with the festive treats as it could do the baby more harm than good. Remember, a happy child inside means a happy tummy.
The following is a list of food expectant mums should be wary of.

Make sure any turkey you eat has been cooked thoroughly to ensure all bacteria is killed, so food poisoning can be avoided. If you’re planning on tucking into a helping of stuffing, it should be cooked separately to the turkey, as the cavity won’t reach a high enough temperature to destroy lurking bacteria.


This shouldn’t be bought from the refrigerated section of the grocery store as there is a risk of it containing listeria. Meat spreads are only safe to eat if they’ve been heated until steaming hot.
Soft Cheese

Cheese platters are common favourite at Christmas parties If you’re offered a platter, be sure to avoid any unpasteurised soft cheeses, which could contain listeria. These include blue-veined cheeses, brie, feta and camembert.

Eggnog should be avoided as it contains raw, unpasteurised eggs and is usually made with alcohol.


Christmas Cake

Fruitcake and other desserts that use alcohol are usually fine because most of the alcohol burns off during the cooking process. However, if the fruitcake has been soaked in liquor after it has been cooked, it should be avoided.

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