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Can you drink alcohol while you are pregnant?

It might a little celebration and you’re tempted to just have a little glass of wine. But you are pregnant and you worry that  the alcohol in the wine might affect your little one growing within you. You might also be conscious about what others might say about a pregnant woman drinking! Does drinking alcohol during pregnancy affect your growing baby?

The general consensus is that drinking alcohol is generally not recommended for pregnant moms. The concern is that whatever you consume travels through your bloodstream, crosses the placenta and reaches your baby.

Studies have revealed that low to moderate consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may not harm babies. Take for instance, the headline making 2012 study by Danish researchers who examined 5-year-old children whose mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy with  children of mothers who abstained from alcohol. The study found no difference between the former and latter

But don’t open up that bottle of wine just yet! No one fully knows the kind of potential harmful effects alcohol can have on a developing baby.

There are limitations to the study because of the small sample and nothing significant could be concluded. The researchers also concluded that large-scale studies were needed to investigate the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Being pregnant has a way of making you more conscious of everything you consume and the sensations in your body. You know best what’s best for you and your child. While it is recommended that you refrain from alcohol, the rule of thumb is that a glass or two occasionally during pregnancy is perfectly safe for your baby.

You might also want to refrain from alcohol during the first trimester due to the hormonal fluctuations caused by the new pregnancy. Everyone has a different tolerance to alcohol. Listen to your body and the signals it offers.

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