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Becoming a Preggy Yogi!

It’s essential to be safe during when you exercise during pregnancy, but it’s essential to exercise during pregnancy. While it’s tempting to sit back and relax during pregnancy, you need to exercise to help alleviate symptoms such as backache, bloating, excess weight or gestational diabetes. We looked at ways to exercise safely in the last post. Here’s a great safe exercise: Yoga!

Did you know that Yoga is not just about perfecting those headstands or getting into elaborate postures? Doing some selected Asanas during pregnancy can be beneficial as you adjust to the demands of your body. Yoga can also help you to relax during this testing time and you can use breathing techniques during labour or contractions.

In fact, join Mamaste, organized by Cryoviva, a couple’s pre-natal Yoga class that will be conducted by a PURE Yoga trainer on 14 July. Check out more details on the Cryoviva Events on Facebook. There’s nothing to stop you from being a Preggy Yogi.


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