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Baby Food – What’s best for your baby?

It is of great importance that your baby is given lots of nutrients and vitamins so that they grow up healthy. Here, Stella Mak tells us more…

baby food

What baby food is right for your baby?

For all babies, the main source of food for the first three months of their lives comes from either breast milk or formula milk. As such, when is the best time to start giving them new or solid foods?

A good way to tell is to see whether your baby is able to sit up on his or her own. If an infant is able to sit up unsupported, or when the infant starts to coo when he sees an adult eating, it is a good indication that you can start to introduce new foods for him or her.

Cereal is the first kind of baby food that you can introduce to your baby. It is very easy to swallow as it is a kind of soft food for the babies, so you do not have to be concern about him choking on it. However, it is important that adult supervision is there whenever your child is feeding.

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These baby cereals are usually made from rice, so it can help to prevent sensitivity or any allergies that your baby might have developed towards certain foods. This type of food can also help the little babies to sleep all night if they are starting to wake up crying of hunger at night.

It is essential that you do not introduce more than one kind of food to your baby each time. It is advisable to wait at least three days before another new food is introduced to your baby. Food allergies can develop in children which can be a severe problem if you do not take any precautions.

If you are aware of what is the cause of the food allergy, you can then take action and prevent the same problem from happening again. It is only by limiting the new food introduction can you identify the cause of the food allergy easily.

baby food

It is best to introduce baby food in stages and one at a time to make sure that your baby does not have any adverse reactions

Solid foods can be introduced to your baby as he gets older and if he does not show any strong reactions against any soft foods that he had been taking. There is a good assortment of baby food that can be found at most supermarkets. A lot of these also come in resealable containers to prevent contamination in case your baby does not finish all at the first feeding.

Such foods also do not come in the same servings as some babies do not eat a lot at each meal, especially the younger ones, thus the food can be resealed for later use. In addition, you can also find smaller meals with lots of great tasting baby foods for your older child to enjoy.

For those parents who are not too happy with the additives that are used in commercially made baby food, they can choose to prepare their own. It is not uncommon to find these parents spending the whole afternoon preparing the baby food and then freezing it. In this way, their child will have an unlimited supply of food for the whole week.

baby food

You are what you eat: The health of your child depends on the baby food you provide

Another advantage of preparing home-cooked baby food is that babies with certain food allergies can be ensured that they will not consume such food by accident. It can thus save the parents the trouble of having to read the labels before making any purchase.

It is possible for your child to experience new tastes without having to spend time preparing them if you are too busy too as there is quite a remarkable selection of baby food available at the market. You will need to make your adjustment as you go along as your baby will definitely not like all of them.

There will bound to some food that your child likes and some that your distastes. However, you must ensure that you purchase baby foods that your child will have no problem in consuming because children of different age groups will have problems with particular textures.

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