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Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy


Being pregnant isn’t easy and you might find that you’re more conscious of your diet and lifestyle. Eating right might be difficult when you’re faced with raging hormones. You might find yourself craving for foods you didn’t exactly fancy before your pregnancy. In order to curb cravings or maintain a balanced diet, you might choose to include artificial sweeteners in your diet. Are they healthy? There is some controversy on whether or not artificial sweeteners are safe during pregnancy. Even then, if you’ve added some artificial sweetener in your morning cup of tea/coffee, fret not! Remember, moderation is key as with all things.

Artificial sweeteners help to curb cravings for sugary foods. These low-calorie sugar substitutes are great for those looking to take less sugar due to health ailments. Only a small amount of artificial sweeteners are needed in your drink or food as they are a hundred times sweeter than normal sugar. Artificial sugars are usually found in a number of products that are advertised as “sugar-free.” More recently, aspartame has been found to have harmful effects on the body. Hence, if taking artificial sugar, you might like to consider avoiding aspartame, not just during pregnancy either.

Majority of the supermarket brands of artificial sweeteners are safe. However, it’s important to take them in moderation as there have been very little human studies on their impacts. Equal and Splenda are known to be safe. However, avoid sweeteners containing Saccharin or Sweet ‘N Low. Studies have reported that it can cross the placenta and stay in the fetal tissue!

You could also try some natural alternatives to sugar in your diet. There can be found easily in health food stores. Replace sugar with agave nectar. When added to iced drinks, agave nectar adds a lovely hint of sweetness. Also, try added honey or molasses to replace sugar in recipes. Make sure to check with your doctor when trying out something new in your diet during pregnancy.

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