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CEO’s Message

Dear Parents,

Cryoviva Singapore is a unique and fast forward organization that started its operations in Singapore in 2014. With a background of expertise in the services and understanding the pulse of the local market, it didn’t take us much time to start penetrating the heart of our customers, and since then we have already stored thousands of precious cord blood samples for babies in Singapore.

Backed by strong investors profile with multi-billion dollar diversified investments, makes our presence in Singapore very secure and stable to ensure our support to the parents for the long term in their unforeseen family health conditions that can be cured using approved stem cell therapies.

The parents who have trusted us and the physicians who believe in our services have found better reasons to consider us for long-term commitments. Among the countries in Asia, we hold the leadership position in India and have a substantial presence in Thailand and service to nearby countries. Singapore operations are also now expanding to other potential countries of South East Asia.Our hardworking team of consultants and 24×7 client services will never let you miss the opportunity to take the right decision of storing your baby’s phenomenal stem cell samples even if the need is realized at the last minute.

Effective March 2018, we have also launched Reviva Cell Technologies as a subsidiary of Cryoviva Singapore, that is a separate laboratory to store the umbilical cord tissue and its components. We look forward to servicing our clients as our top priority, engage in business collaborations, and bring in more technologies to bring better solutions to healthcare.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to respond your query on priority.

Best Regards

Dr. Ashish Munjal

MBBS, Executive MBA (International Business)

Director & CEO

Cryoviva Singapore

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