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CEO’s Message

Dear Parents,

Cryoviva Singapore is a progressive, rapidly-growing organisation that started its operations in Singapore in 2014. In the short span since our inception, we have grown to be one of the top cord blood banks in Singapore, with tens of thousands of happy customers.  I’d like to use this opportunity to thank all parents who have trusted us over other incumbent players and want to reassure them that the trust is absolutely well-placed.

For young couples who are on the family way and evaluating their options, I fully understand that the decision whether to store your baby’s cord blood and tissue is not an easy one. You will be faced with questions on the need and value of cord blood banking, the financial cost implications of doing so, the reliability of the service provider and of course, most importantly, the safety and security of the stored cord blood.

Our consultants, many of whom are parents themselves who may or may not have had the opportunity to avail of the miracle of storing stem cells, are empathetic to these concerns and will help address each of these. Do take advantage of speaking to them and clarifying all the questions, doubts and insecurities you may have.

Let me also list some of the key reasons for Cryoviva’s growth in Singapore as a trusted provider of cord blood banking.

Strong backing: We understand that one of the biggest concern for parents is to choose a reliable stem cell bank that not only has a strong medical team but also a professional one. Because it is a decision of vision, an investment of future value, parents must be sure that the banks they trust must also thrive through economic volatility and have the strength to grow with the families to be trusted as a safe haven.  We are backed by strong investors with multi-billion dollar diversified investments’ portfolios and a long-term view. This ensures a secure and strong presence in Singapore, and an ability to invest in the right people, processes and technologies. You can rest assured that we will do everything to be here with you and grown with you.

Great team: We’ve built a great team of highly competent, experienced and committed medical and management professionals to serve, you, our customers. Our passionate and hardworking team of consultants and 24×7 client services are always there to help you make the right decision regarding storing your baby’s stem cell samples and going to great lengths to ensure it happens smoothly. We strive to be your dependable source for all facts relating to this important step you are about to take with your family.

Facilities & technologies: Our facilities adhere to stringent quality standards We invest consistently to ensure that we are able to offer the latest technologies for cord blood and tissue storage to parents.  Effective March 2018, we have also launched Reviva Cell Technologies as a subsidiary of Cryoviva Singapore- a separate laboratory to store the umbilical cord tissue and its components.

We are excited about the future of cord blood banking in Singapore and the regional markets in the region that we work with. Stem cell therapies are increasingly helping families overcome numerous health challenges, and we are proud to be able a part of delivering hope of a quality of life that you can choose for your families.

As we engage in business collaborations and bring in more technologies to offer better solutions, serving our clients will always be our top priority.

Do write or call in to discuss how we can be part of your parenthood journey– we are only a call or e-mail away!

Best Regards

Mr Rajesh Nair

Director & CEO

Cryoviva Singapore

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