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5 substitutes for your pregnancy cravings

You’re in your first trimester, and planning to stay fit and healthy through the remaining months of your pregnancy. Trouble is, you’re craving for the greasiest and fattiest double bacon cheeseburger in the world, and resisting it can be so difficult. Keeping healthy is going to be a problem if you are going to keep giving it in your cravings, so why not try some healthier substitutes?

What you’re craving: Ice cream

What you can eat instead: Plain frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. Instead of stuffing your face with pint after pint of French Vanilla ice cream, you can opt for a bowl of frozen yoghurt. It contains less fat than ice cream and way more protein than it’s fattening counterpart. Having frozen yoghurt with your favourite fruits will make it even more enjoyable.

What you’re craving: Chocolate

What you can eat instead: Chocolate. There is really no need to resist having chocolate, unless your choice of chocolate is a cookies and cream bar with additional candy and toppings on it. It is definitely okay to have a small portion of dark chocolate with 65 percent or more cacao everyday, as it contains lots of antioxidants and is good for your heart.

What you’re craving: Potato chips

What you can eat instead: Veggie chips. Potato chips are filled with sodium, which can cause a lot of water retention, making your feel fatter and even more bloated. Use any vegetable, slice it thin, and bake it into a chip. You can use anything from sweet potatoes to squash, and even broccoli.

What you’re craving: Soda

What you can eat instead: Fruit juice with sparkling water. If you have experienced morning sickness before, the best way to cure it is by drinking a fizzy drink. Tossing a splash of fruit juice into a glass of sparkling water will do the same, while keeping the calorie low count and giving you a sweet perk for the rest of the morning.

What you’re craving: Candies or cake

What you can eat instead: Fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are sweet and juicy, and contains many vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy without increasing your sugar level. If you still find yourself craving for more sugar, you can drizzle some honey over your fruits and enjoy them.

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