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5 signs your baby is overstimulated

It is very common for your baby to feel overstimulated during the first year of life. Here, we explore the warning signs to look out for 

overstimulated baby

It is very common for a baby to feel overstimulated at some point in her first year. This usually happens when your baby has had a sensory-overload. Everything they experience in the world is a first for babies – especially very young babies – and their senses receive new information at a rapid rate.

Being passed around at family gatherings, staying awake too long, too much activity (busy sights, loud sounds, pungent smells, being exposed to technology, etc.), and interruptions to her routine are the biggest culprits of overstimulation.

It’s good to recognise the signs you have an overstimulated baby so you get to work helping her calm down. Here is our top 5 warning signs.

Warning signs of an overstimulated baby

1. Spacey Stare

A baby’s first line of defence against overstimulation is often to shut down by “staring into space” when there’s too much going on around her. Rather than trying to process the flood of information, your baby will act aloof and disinterested in your attempts to get her attention.

overstimulated baby

A spacey stare can be the sign of an overstimulated baby

2. Turn-Away

When your baby looks away when you’re trying to interact with her and just won’t really engage, she’s probably overstimulated. This behaviour occurs most often when your baby has been exposed to a rowdy environment.

3. Sped-Up Breathing

Just as your breathing speeds up when you’re excited or exhausted, your baby’s will too. Look for even subtle changes in her breathing pattern, especially if the rhythm changes from slow and soft to a more rapid pace.

4. Jerky Movement

baby’s movements may become more choppy and jerky, especially if she’s on the verge of crying due to feeling overwhelmed or confused.

overstimulated baby

A crying fit after play is a sign of an overstimulated baby

5. Crying Fit

A crying fit that seems to come with no explanation or noticeable solution could also be the result of overstimulation. Plus, your attempts to distract and comfort her may be aggravating it. While every screaming baby gets red in the face from time to time, flushing or complexion changes when your baby seems relatively calm could be a sign that she’s getting too much stimulation and is overly excited.

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